Veteran affairs is a key focus area of our corporate social responsibility and pro bono work, and since 2018, Proskauer has been a proud sponsor of American Corporate Partners (ACP). Through ACP, our talented employees mentor veterans and military spouses with career guidance as they transition from the military to civilian life. On Wednesday, May 25th we met virtually with nearly 100 ACP mentees and alumni. Karen Carbone, Proskauer’s Director of Human Resources and Mark Bunbury, our Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion led an impactful workshop on resume writing and interview preparation. They shared tips for virtual interviews which exploded during the pandemic and are likely here to stay, as well as best practices for resume writing. Combined, Mark and Karen have decades of experience in human resources across the legal and banking industries. The executives from ACP, who organized the webinar with us, include Richard Comitz, Senior Vice President and Matthew Peirce, Operations Associate.

“There are many things our military community excels at, but oftentimes they have little experience with the skills necessary to transition from a military career to a civilian career. Hearing from experts in the industry about how to prepare a resume, network, and present themselves in interviews is invaluable during their transition. We are so thankful for our Proskauer partnership and are grateful that members of Proskauer took time out of their day to provide amazing tips to our service members,” said Richard Comitz, Senior Vice President at American Corporate Partners.

“Military veterans have so many amazing skills that are highly sought after by employers, yet they often struggle to find corporate positions. This program is so impactful because it provides veterans with the opportunity to examine their skills through the eyes of corporate professionals, who in turn can suggest the best ways to market those skills. In the process, corporate professionals are able to share their time and talents with our veterans, who have given us all so much. It’s a win-win for both parties,” said Karen Carbone, Director of Human Resources at Proskauer.