This November, Proskauer is celebrating its year-round commitment to veterans by announcing a new partnership with American Corporate Partners (ACP), the nation’s leading veteran mentoring program for service members transitioning to corporate careers.

Ten senior partners and executives at Proskauer were selected to provide career guidance and personalized, one-on-one mentorships for post-9/11 service members moving into the private sector. ACP’s mentoring program helps high-performing returning veterans build a successful second career post-military service. Veterans are mentored on topics ranging from building civilian-friendly résumés, networking, leadership skills and work-life balance.

The mentoring program and partnership with ACP is a part of Proskauer’s broader commitment to veterans. “Proskauer has always been committed to removing barriers to employment for veterans – working with ACP is a natural progression in our work.” said Los Angeles partner, Navy veteran and ACP mentor, Colleen Hart.

Colleen decided to become a mentor because she wanted to help fellow veterans make the transition into the corporate world. “Service members transitioning out of the armed services face many challenges. Civilian business customs and language can be very different from the service. It’s important for veterans to bridge their military skills and knowledge into the corporate world.”

Joanne Ollman, Proskauer’s Chief Professional Resources Officer, was paired with a veteran mentee this summer. “This is the least I can do to assist those service members who want to enter the private sector. I can use my background as a senior human resources professional to guide my mentee through the complicated journey of finding a position that matches her skill set and experience with the right opportunity. We have spent the last month creating a résumé that reflects not only what she has done in the past but what she is capable of doing in the future. I am confident that she will find something that will challenge her and be ‘value added’ to her employer. I am thrilled to be part of her journey.”

Colleen has also built a strong relationship with her mentee. “My mentee is a retired Command Master Chief who served 30 years in the Navy. He’s very skilled and experienced but he’s new to the corporate world. We share our stories about transitioning out of the military and I assist with networking. My mentee hopes to have a second career in human resources and I have no doubt he’ll be a successful corporate H.R. manager someday.”

About American Corporate Partners (ACP):

ACP is a national nonprofit organization founded in 2008 to address veterans’ career transition needs through two free programs: a nationwide veteran mentoring program and an online network, ACP AdvisorNet, offering career, employment and small business advice through a robust business community and Q&A platform.  For more information visit: