The Boston based Chinatown Community Land Trust (CCLT) has been a perennial pro bono client of Proskauer. CCLT seeks to promote efforts to stabilize the future of Boston’s Chinatown in light of the recent influx of gentrification and development that has sharply limited affordable housing and diluted the traditional culture in one of Boston’s minority communities. The relationship between Proskauer and CCLT was initiated by a referral from Lawyers Clearinghouse concerning the efforts of the Mass Pike Tower Tenants Association to purchase the Mass Pike Towers low income housing complex from the current owner, with plans to subsequently transfer ownership of the complex to CCLT to ensure its continued use as a low-income housing facility. Since then, Proskauer and CCLT have been engaged in furthering CCLT’s goals of promoting community ownership of land and local investment in Boston’s Chinatown community.