Education is the springboard to a better life for children from underserved communities. Through Proskauer’s education initiatives, we aim to inspire students with the critical thinking and problem solving skills they will need for success. Our goal is to build relationships to motivate and inspire future leaders and help educate young people to their fullest potential. We recently had an opportunity to engage some of our students with some real-life drama and mystery through a mock trial.

On February 8-10, the Firm’s Litigation and Labor & Employment Departments held their annual Trial Workshop. The workshop was an advanced program geared to hone trial skills of mid-level associates.  In teams of two, associates argued various pre-trial motions on day one and on day two tried a case in front of “Judge” Peter Murray, a veteran director of Harvard Law School’s trial advocacy program and the Firm’s long-time trial workshop professor, as well as partners within our Litigation and Labor & Employment Departments, and a jury of high school students. Associates received real-time feedback on their opening and closing arguments and direct/cross examinations from Peter Murray, the partner faculty and the jury.

What made the program truly special was the jury, which consisted of students from Francis Lewis High School, Manhattan Hunter Science High School and other students from around New York City who are part of the Fresh Air Fund College Connections Program. In each trial, student jurors observed, then deliberated and returned their verdicts.

Students learned about the judicial process as they evaluated the evidence and collaborated towards an agreement. The students were engaged in the interactive experience, and expressed interest in pursuing legal careers.

Proskauer has a long term, deep partnership with Francis Lewis High School, whose students we coach as part of the Mentor- Moot Court/Debate program; Manhattan Hunter Science, who is our New York City Adopt-a- School partner; and the Fresh Air Fund, with which we partner on several initiatives.

We are proud to have so many ambitious, motivated students participate in our mentoring programs where we build a deeper understanding of the high school and college experience, and potential career paths.